Brian W. Anthony, PhD

Group Lead:

While the outside of a product may attract eyes, it’s the inside that determines function and ultimate longevity, and that’s where Brian Anthony tends to look.

With over 20 years experience in product realization – he won an Emmy (from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) in broadcast technical innovation – Anthony looks at designing instruments and techniques to control physical systems and measure intractable problems. The work involves systems analysis and design, calling upon mechanical, electrical and optical engineering, along with computer science and optimization, to create solutions.

At MIT, Dr. Anthony is the Director of the Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Program and Co-Director of the Medical Electronic Device Realization Center. His research includes the development of instrumentation and measurement solutions for manufacturing systems and medical diagnostics and imaging systems.

He is the co-founder of CueVue, (a recent spin out of parent company dRNOME Inc) and has been the co-founder and CTO at several other technology companies – some successful, some not. He consults in the areas of IT and AI systems, medical devices, and manufacturing. He has he extensive experience in market driven technology innovation as well as business entrepreneurship and has served as an expert witness in patent infringement and product liability cases.